Adult Confirmation, Reception and Re-Affirmation In the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut
For adults, these rites are truly sacramental . . . an outward and visible sign of a spiritual renewal.  There is an assumption that those who present themselves are experiencing significant spiritual growth and want to respond to the movement of the Spirit within them in a concrete and public way.  In some cases, a person may wish to renew his/her Baptismal vows at the same time a spouse is being Confirmed or Received as a sign of support and of their shared faith life.

Some adults want to learn about the Church before they become involved in community life, while others get involved and then desire a way to formalize their relationship to the Church and God.  This should be an ongoing process; every congregation should have a means for all adults to continue in their journey of faith formation.

Sponsors should also be available to adults who are seeking to re-affirm their Baptismal Covenant.  The role of these sponsors is to be a companion - one who accompanies the newly committed or renewed on their journey of growth and nurture of their faith.  Regular attendance at worship, participation in the life and mission of the community and study should be expected of all candidates.  A discussion of what ministries they feel called to as they grow in their faith is essential for how they live their life of faith in the church and in the world: at home, work, and community.

All adults need encouragement and support when entering into new conditions, environments and states- of-being.  The community of Christian believers is a place for learning through shared journeys, supporting each other as we deal with experiences in our daily lives and endeavoring to integrate our faith into our actions.  A parish that participates in active discernment for all the baptized in order to live out one’s faith in the world on an ongoing basis will identify the practice of one’s faith as fundamental to the Call.  Confirmation, Reception and Re-Affirmation invites participants to make a personal commitment to nurture and practice their faith in daily life.

Attentiveness to the spiritual lives of all adults in a congregation is essential.  Often the church focuses on the needs of our programs already in place and tries to fit people into those slots.  Each parish program, committee and organization would benefit from an “Action / Reflection” model that makes sure there are an integration of church activities with individuals’ spiritual lives and the mission of the Church.
Persons presented for Reception are those who have been baptized with water in the name of the Trinity, have previously made an adult public affirmation of faith in any other Christian Communion (either at their Baptism or on a separate occasion) and now desire to live their faith within the fellowship of the Episcopal Church.  Preparation for reception should include how one practices the faith in the Anglican Communion and how we as Episcopalians live out our Christian mission in community.
Components for preparation
Reaffirmation is suitable in a variety of situations for persons who have already made a mature public declaration of faith within this Communion:  those baptized persons who have made a mature public declaration of faith, and have later left the church or fallen away from active faith, and now wish to express their revived commitment to the covenant of their Baptism; those baptized persons who have already made a mature public declaration of faith, and are now experiencing a call from God toward a new growth in faith, commitment, or service, may respond to and affirm that call before the Bishop and the community of faith.  Reaffirmation is a repeatable rite and should be used with sensitive pastoral discernment and after appropriate preparation.
•The Book of Common Prayer
•Service & the Life of the Baptized
•Mission & Community
•Faith & Practice - to include participation in worship, stewardship, Christian ethics, moral decision making and theological
•Episcopal polity
Adults interested in preparing for Confirmation, Reception of Reaffirmation should contact the clergy
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