Stewardship Ministry
We are part of God's universe and all that we have comes from God. God calls each of us to love, protect, and nurture this world and its people. We are stewards of God's creation. Stewardship is the way we use what we've been given from God to carry out our mission.
Our Stewardship is a joyous responsibility. In giving of ourselves and our resources, we grow in grace. As Christian stewards we commit to respond individually and as a parish to the needs of the world and its people. Our individual resources may be limited, but collectively we gather strength and ability to do God's work. So, as Christian stewards, we willingly and joyously give our love, time, talent, money and energy. In giving our treasure we strive to give in proportion to what we receive. The Biblical tithe, 10% or our income, has been and will remain our tradition and desired goal.
The Stewardship Committee is comprised of parishioners and Vestry members. It meets monthly throughout the year and includes activities such as stewardship education and the annual stewardship campaign. We tend not to do the same thing year after year and have had guest lecturers, parishioners, and clergy speak to the meaning of stewardship during services or a brunch or special forum. We have also done every member campaigns, visiting in one another's homes. We believe and actively support that Stewardship is not only the treasure in financial support but, the time and talent given by many to ensure the success of the St. James' mission.
Living God's Love and sharing what we have seen and heard.

Vestry Representative: Lyn Meyers,
Rector: Father Joseph Krasinski,

Join us!
We meet regularly on the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM in the Luckenbill Hall, which can be accessed from the parking lot off Terrace Place.  Meetings last for approximately 1 hour.
"The Parish of Saint James' ministers to all people in the name of Jesus Christ"
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